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Yogurt Cream with Berries

Ingredients for 20 portions

8.8 ozQimiQ Whip, chilled
8.8 ozLow fat yogurt, chilled
2.6 oz Sugar
8.8 ozMixed berries, fresh, pureed


  1. Lightly whip the cold QimiQ Whip until completely smooth ensuring that the entire mixture is incorporated (especially from bottom and sides of bowl).
  2. Add the yogurt, sugar and berries and continue to whisk at top speed until the required volume has been achieved.
  3. Pour into dishes and chill.

QimiQ Whip Advantages

  • One bowl preparation
  • Increased volume = lower portion costs
  • Full creamy taste with less fat and cholesterol
  • 1 kg QimiQ Whip can replace up to 3 litres of fresh heavy cream
  • Acid stable and does not curdle
  • Real dairy cream product, cannot be over whipped

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