Light Crab Cakes with Saffron Aioli and Pickled Cucmber Salad

Ingredients for 10 portions

For the crab cakes
5.3 ozQimiQ Classic, room temperature
17.6 ozCrab meat
0.7 fl oz Olive oil
1.8 ozWhole eggs
1.8 ozPanko Japanese bread crumbs
0.7 ozParsley, finely chopped
0.7 ozGreen onions, finely chopped
0.4 ozChili pepper, fresh, finely chopped
Salt and pepper
0.3 fl ozLemon juice
0.2 fl ozWorcestershire sauce
For the Saffron Aioli
5.3 ozQimiQ Classic, room temperature
1.1 ozGarlic
1.7 fl oz Olive oil
1.7 fl ozWater
3.5 ozPotatoes, peeled and cooked
0.1 ozSaffron
Salt and pepper
0.3 fl ozLemon juice
0.4 ozParsley, finely chopped
For the pickled cucumber salad
17.6 ozCucumbers
0.7 oz Sea salt
0.3 fl ozVinegar
1.8 ozQimiQ Classic, room temperature
1.8 ozSour cream 15 % fat
0.7 fl oz Olive oil
0.4 oz Sugar
Salt and pepper

QimiQ Classic Advantages

  • Creamy indulgent taste with less fat


  1. For the crab cakes, whisk QimiQ Classic smooth. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well and chill for approx. 2 hours. Form the mixture into 20 small patties and sauté on both sides until golden. Finish in a preheated oven at medium heat for approx. 5 minutes.
  2. For the saffron aioli, blend the ingredients together until smooth. Chill for approx. 2 hours and whisk smooth before serving.
  3. For the pickled cucumber salad, peel, deseed and dice the cucumber into 1/4 inch sized pieces. Add the salt and vinegar, mix well and allow to draw for 1 hour. Drain off the excess liquid.
  4. Whisk QimiQ Classic smooth. Add the sour cream, olive oil and sugar and season to taste with salt and pepper. Toss the cucumber in the QimiQ mixture and chill before serving.

Nutritional values per recipe

Fat in g165
Cholesterol in mg1046
Carbohydrates in g105
Protein in g132

Nutritional values per portion

Fat in g17
Cholesterol in mg105
Carbohydrates in g11
Protein in g13

Nutritional values per 100g

Fat in g9
Cholesterol in mg55
Carbohydrates in g6
Protein in g7