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Kelly Debor, Bakery Manager, All Natural Food Store, Clearwater, FL, 14 years experience

 I was introduced to QimiQ, while working at a restaurant as a pastry chef, about a year ago.  I love how versatile QimiQ is.  I also love that it is so easy to work with and such a time saver. I have recently come up with a quick and easy, all natural, whipped frosting.  I made it with the Classic.  It was fantastic and so easy.  I have loved working with this truly unique and innovative product.  I cannot wait to do more with it!

A special order for a cake was taken last night at work after I left.
The person who took the order said we could do it, even though he didn't even understand the order, and he took it for noon today.  He assured the customer that I would call them the following day to clarify.  When I finally got a hold of the person it was 9:30AM.  She then proceeds to tell me that all her daughter wants for her birthday is a chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream icing.  I have worked in other bakeries where this would not be a problem.  I would just go to the cooler & pull out the tub of "whipped topping".  It even came in chocolate already...not so in a "natural" food store.  I knew that, to frost a cake with just regular whipped cream is near impossible. Then I remembered QimiQ!  It was so easy!  I didn't even measure! Just QimiQ, a little sugar, heavy cream & cocoa powder, it was so good! And super easy to work with!  Everyone kept coming over to taste it & said its better than the chocolate frosting we have.  It was so light & creamy and dare I say a far superior product to the tub of stuff at other stores. I was able to fulfill the guest's request, naturally, and in record time.

This has been yet another reason I love QimiQ!

Jimmy Gordick, Chef, Great Southern Café, Seaside, FL, 20 years experience

"I was very impressed with how well QimiQ holds the moisture in my salads.  We also use QimiQ in our scrambled eggs which keeps them fluffy and the eggs do not break down. We use QimiQ in all so many recipes, it is hard to pick a favorite!"

Emily Garrison, Owner, Chief Wine Steward, Catering Manager, Shiraz Fine Wine & Gourmet, Athens, GA, over 15 years experience

"I try to make classic recipes healthier and QimiQ Classic is perfect for that! Butter, eggs and cream can all be substituted with ease, and no one ever notices a difference in flavor. I made ice cream last weekend that was deceptively low-fat, and everyone felt like they were splurging."

Werner Dietrich, Executive Chef, Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club, Ft. Myers, Florida 26 years experience

"About two years ago I was introduced to QimiQ by Ken Hartman and Corporate Chef Erwin List. I was amazed on how many different applications this product could be used in. The possibilities to apply QimiQ to existing recipes are endless. It is amazing how easy it is to increase quality and profitability at the same time by adding QimiQ. I like to add the QimiQ Sauce Base to creamy soups and sauces; it keeps them from breaking, has less fat and adds a nice silky shine to it. QimiQ is a truly versatile ingredient for any creative chef - very easy to apply."

Jamie McFadden, Executive Chef / Founder, Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine and Events, Winter Park, FL, 22 years experience

"QimiQ’s ability to prevent moisture migration is fantastic and it is great to be able to add alcohol, cookies or fresh fruit to my mousses. I also love being able to freeze it. It is a great addition to my kitchen, and I love being able to experiment and figure out new uses!"

Michael Deihl, CEC CCA ACE AAC, Executive Chef, East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, GA, over 39 years

"QimiQ has provided me with a high quality option for many areas of food production in the East Lake kitchen. From compound salads, to dressings and from pastries to mousses, the options are virtually endless. The stability and quality of the products with just a little bit of QimiQ in them are very noticeable, especially on buffet presentations. As chefs in today's market place, it is essential to keep up with technology and new quality products that make our food better and safer. QimiQ is just that product!"

Robert Mason, Executive Chef, The Westin Imagine, Orlando, FL, 28 years experience

"Desserts and mousses are especially good and easy to make with QimiQ Whip. For example, it works great in my peach mousse.  The mousse consists of QimiQ Whip, peach puree, almonds and peach schnapps. Alcohol would usually break down the cream, but it comes out beautifully with QimiQ Whip. I am equally impressed by the stability and versatility of this product and all the applications for it."

Natasha Capper, Ex.Pastry Chef, Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA, 18 years experience

I was first impressed by the ability of QimiQ to stabilize free water. Less weeping in pastry creams and mousses, and water retention in baked goods is a huge benefit to our brulees and pastry cream as well as egg based products like flan. The more I work with QimiQ the more ways I think of using it!

Rolan Richard, Owner, Caffe Portofino Inc., Naples, FL

"My name is Rolon and I own an Italian Bakery called Caffe Portofino Inc. in Naples Florida. I manufacture several unique and delicious Italian pastries including cheese cakes, I will tell you the use of QimiQ has greatly helped me stabilize many of my products that I use cream and milk in. I am very pleased and quite surprised by the way QimiQ could be integrated into my products. I was able to produce extended shelf stable items that could only be held for a day or so previous to using QimiQ, along with some new unique all natural gluten free cheese cakes with the help of this flexible product. I will certainly recommend that chefs put QimiQ to the test and give it a try..."

Christopher McCook, CEC, AAC, Executive Chef, Athens Country Club, Athens, GA, 36 years experience

"I would recommend trying QimiQ in your kitchen. It has many uses and maintains the integrity and shelf life of your product. Its`versatility in the hot and cold kitchen as well as for pastry and baking has made QimiQ a must for me. It's tasteless so it doesn't change the taste of my recipe."

Peter Koralewicz, Executive Chef, Centerplate (Bank Atlantic Center), Sunrise, FL, 8 years experience

“We love the stability of this product. We make a lot of coleslaw and the integrity and stability of the end product is increased dramatically when using QimiQ”.

Martin Pfefferkorn, Executive Chef, Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

“I had just added an Aged Cheddar Cheese soup to the menu, but we had difficulties keeping it from separating. I had a conversation with AFI and QimiQ and they had the solution, "QimiQ Sauce Base". I went to the AFI test kitchen and cooked the soup with Hans. On the very first try, the soup was fantastic, if not even better! I took the soup back to the hotel and kept it in the warmer for a couple of hours and it didn't separate at all. QimiQ Sauce Base will be a regular inventory item for me moving forward. As many banquets we do, I'm always afraid of the cream sauces breaking: QimiQ Sauce Base is the solution to all of your cream sauce based problems.”

Kenneth Juran, Executive Chef, Hyatt Grand Cypress, Orlando, FL, 30 years experience

“After reading about how QimiQ keeps moisture in products in an industry magazine, I decided I had to try it!° I was impressed by the moisture retention and emulsification. QimiQ is great for holding warm savory dishes without drying them out.”

Chris Trovas, Executive Chef / Owner, Wild Olives Market, Rosemary Beach, FL, 30 years experience

“I am amazed at the many uses of the product. QimiQ gives you a stable product for chicken or tuna salads and many great desserts. It has a high yield and is a consistent and simple product for my staff to use. The savings are incredible!”

Nicholas Bown-Crawford, Executive Pastry Chef, Atlanta, GA

“QimiQ found a home in our kitchen about a year ago, ever since it has been our go-to cream product for toppings and fillings. We especially love the extended shelf-life of our products that we use the QimiQ Whip on, and as a result it has saved us hundreds of dollars over the course of the past year - virtually eliminating waste, and improving the quality of our products. Murphy's has been a family owned restaurant for over 30 years now, and we rely on close friendships with our purveyors; as a vendor, AFI and QimiQ have always been right by our side ready to go with recipes, ideas and answers to any questions that we have - that in itself speaks volumes to their level of customer service.”

Richard Hurst, Regional Executive Chef, Morrison Senior Dining (Compass Group), Atlanta, GA, 14 years experience

This product is one of the best new items to do anything; you can not ruin this product (Dome Proof), it is healthier, has a great consistency and neutral flavor. You can substitute cream for a healthier product.

Keith M. Schroeder, CEC, Executive Chef, Westin Atlanta Perimeter, North Atlanta, GA, 16 years experience

I particularly like QimiQ’s flexibility. When I am looking to create a cream based product with ease and stability, I look to QimiQ. I love suspending liquors in QimiQ Whip. It holds much more than straight cream. I suspended a honey beer in QimiQ for a recent beer dinner – and served it as an accompaniment for cobbler. People were blown away.

Tripp Chiles, Executive Chef, Champion Hills Club, over 25 years experience

I have had great success with QimiQ keeping sandwiches on the golf course from becoming soggy. I have also added QimiQ to Cole Slaw and the purple cabbage does not bleed. It increases the shelf life of any recipe we use it in. For example last Sunday the Hollandaise Sauce broke down so I added a little QimiQ and it came right back.

James Boheim, Executive Chef Banquets, Wild Dunes Resort, Isle of Palms, SC, over 17 years experience

I love that the QimiQ Whip can triple the volume for desserts, and that QimiQ Classic keeps food fresher and extends the shelf life. My favorite application is using QimiQ Whip for whipped desserts. It is easy to use and has a large number of applications.

Mike Wallace, Executive Chef, Marriot Grand Hotel, Point Clear, AL

I love the pastry applications that can be used, but I am most impressed by the way it stops salads from weeping. Whether Waldorf salad or coleslaw, it keeps the dressing thick and tasty instead of thin and bland because QimiQ binds the liquid seeping out from the fruits or vegetables.



Success Stories

Martin Pfefferkorn, Executive Chef, Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

I started using QimiQ several years ago in my home country of Austria and am very excited to have QimiQ available in the USA. We are using QimiQ for several things in the kitchen. I would like to highlight the use of QimiQ for scrambled eggs. We all have issues keeping our eggs fluffy and moist on buffets, QimiQ makes it possible. If you have not attended a training class with Chef Helmut, you should because you will look at this product from a different perspective.



Chris McElhaney, Executive Chef, Steelwood Golf Development, Loxley, Alabama, 12 years experience

It's impressive how QimiQ holds egg based products together. I experimented with QimiQ Classic Original in my Hollandaise recipe and was amazed that it held hot for several hours without breaking down! A wonderful product!



Angela Johnson, Pastry Chef, Hilton Pensacola Beach, Pensacola Beach, FL, 10 years experience

We first tried the Plaza Sweets Pumpkin Cognac cheesecake made with QimiQ. We loved the way it held up! We then began using QimiQ in our desserts for banquets where other traditional methods do not hold up. We use QimiQ Whip Original in Mousse recipes - the different flavors we can add to it are amazing, ranging from fresh fruits to chocolate! It is a lovely product with guaranteed success and is incredibly versatile.


Joel Hastings, Deli Manager, Pruetts Signal Mountain Market, Signal Mountain, TN, 9 years experience

I was impressed by the fact that with this product you are able to cut the cholesterol and fat in half without sacrificing flavor. This ability has encouraged lots of people to try our product. We make a broccoli salad where we have substituted all the mayonnaise with QimiQ Classic. The product is far superior in flavor and stability. This product is amazing. It gives you the ability to create your own identity with the food you make. It also allows you to have something to offer to an array of food critics.


M.G. Farris, Executive Chef, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta, GA, over 15 years experience

I love the ease of being able to keep things homogenized, and literally "break free", and the quickness of the recipes. It takes me longer to "mis en place" the recipe then to actually make it! This product has broken down barriers and increased possibilities of what to do with food.


Jim Matzke, Director, online retail operations, IT & Corporate Chef, Paradise Shrimp Co., Naples

We here at Randy’s Fishmarket Restaurant a seafood restaurant and seafood market in Naples Florida just love the success we have had with QimiQ. We have slowly worked QimiQ into many of our recipes and now even use it in manufacturing our seafood spreads and world famous key lime pie. Chef Edwin List has been a great asset and great accompaniment to helping us adjust and implement QimiQ into our products and has shown us many ways to use it that we never could have imagined. We have implemented QimiQ in our Lobster and Crab Bisque, Shrimp Dip, Lobsta and Spicy Lobsta Dips, Randy’s world famous key lime pie, cream bases for sauces and many other products. QimiQ has helped us make a creamier, better quality product and helped control our waste allowing us to make our products in a different manner. We were hesitant at first but after giving QimiQ a try it would be hard to imagine working without it, Chef Jim Matzke and his culinary team highly recommend trying it. We are opening a new larger manufacturing facility with and attached restaurant and fish market in Bonita Springs FL called Randy’s where you can purchase our delicious dips, fresh seafood and Randy’s Key Lime Pies. All the above mentioned products can be purchased online @ www.paradiseshrimponline.com or can be ordered for retail and wholesale purchase from Atlanta Foods and their parent company Gourmet Foods International.

Jim Matzke  | Director, online retail operations , IT & Corporate Chef| Paradise Shrimp Co. | 10395 Tamiami Trail N. , Naples, FL 34108| p: 239.537.4989 | f: 239.249.3344


Patrick Gebrayel, Executive Chef and owner of Heywoods, Marietta GA

"With QimiQ I was amazed at how simple it was to make mousses, forcemeats, and cream based soups and sauces with outstanding results every time. The key to QimiQ is it's versatility, we use it as a replacement for cream and eggs in our Bratwurst sausage. It works better, is more hygienic, and adds less fat. Cream is more expensive, inconsistent due to time of year, needs refrigeration, and can't do half of what QimiQ does. It is also very easy to use, even a prep cook can turn out some really nice desserts with QimiQ. Soups don't break, and fillings stay moist and together, it makes your end results better from all perspectives, taste, appearance, and consistency. QimiQ being an all natural product is just a plus for me, but if you look at the ingredients, there are only three-cream, milk, and gelatin. Products that any kitchen would have. I cannot think of any product that can do so much, and still save you money."


Saravanan Appadurai, Executive Chef, The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman (U.K)

"Our banquet team uses QimiQ in cream based butter sauces which helps to holds the sauce firm and not splitting when held in Bain Marie. We also use QimiQ Classic in salads and cream based sauces, and in mayonnaise based salads by replacing half of the mayonnaise which holds the juices from the salad ingredients."


Bob Gilardi, Executive Chef, Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida

We have incorporated QimiQ products in our many of our recipes including dressings, sauces and desserts. Utilizing QimiQ Whip in our Passion Fruit, Chocolate Mousse and Yogurt Parfait recipes, with its lower fat content than heavy cream, has allowed us to offer these delicious desserts to not only our regular diets but our restricted diets as well. My staff love the ease in product utilization. Use of QimiQ products truly keeps our patient, employee and customer satisfaction at the highest levels! I must also say that the chef support team at QimiQ and AFI is 100% committed in providing customer assistance in every way!


Bill Montgomery, Executive Chef, Mills House Hotel, Charleston, SC, 33 years experience

I was reluctant about trying QimiQ at first, but once taught how to use I feel it makes our chilled seafood and curried chicken salads much better. QimiQ has helped us to extend the shelf life for our banquet foods. It makes for more consistent end product. 



Ramiro Rivera, Executive Chef, Park Tavern, Atlanta, GA, 20 years experience

I first used QimiQ when Chef James helped us develop a signature dessert for our ice skating rink. I was impressed with how QimiQ extended the shelf life of my product and the hold time at room temp. QimiQ Whip is the best for creating desserts that hold up longer and eliminate steps from the recipes I was using which save me time and labor in the kitchen.


Robert Sargent, Executive Chef, Purple Rain Duluth, GA 15 years experience

I love QimiQ’s stability and versatility - it can be used in hot or cold, sweet or savory dishes. I use it for Mousse, Hollandaise, and Desserts. It’s a great product and saves me & my staff tons of time in the kitchen.


Helmut Holzer CMC, WGMC - VP/Corporate Executive Chef

"In my 38 years of Culinary experience, QimiQ is the most revolutionary product I have seen. The ease of incorporating QimiQ into my recipes has saved me time, labor, and greatly extended the shelf life of my menu items."

Hermann Schatzer, Executive Chef, Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center

"I was first introduced to QimiQ five years ago when Culinary Masters was importing. What most impressed me was the variety of applications for the product and the ease of storage. I am currently using QimiQ in my mousses, cream soups and sauces. I am very excited about the product being available in the US again."



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