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QimiQ is the first Cream Base

QimiQ – the first Cream Base. The only foolproof real dairy cream products for savory and sweet dishes which contain 50% less fat than traditional heavy cream, whilst maintaining a full flavor.


QimiQ is available in 3 different variations For use in the following applications:

QimiQ Classic - for cooking, baking and refining

QimiQ Whip - for whipping

QimiQ Sauce Base - for sauces and soups

Advantages of QimiQ – the first Cream Base

QimiQ products are made from real cream but feature unique characteristics such as: 

• Foolproof – no curdling or separation
• Shorter preparation times
• Longer presentation  times
• Real dairy cream - top quality
• No declarable ingredients
• Ideal for diets – less fat content with full flavor
• Gluten-free
• Dry storage
• Awarded the Austrian Quality Seal

QimiQ is all natural and quick and easy to use without loss of flavor.

World wide patented production process

QimiQ is an Austrian product, developed by Rudolf F Haindl and Johann Mandl. The production process took over 10 years to develop and has a world wide patent and registered trade mark. QimiQ is the first major dairy innovation for over 50 years.

This is all made possible by the unique world wide patented production process, which protects the sensitive milk protein in a natural way with a coating of milk fat and then a thin layer of gelatin.  This results in a finer structure which is more compact and stable and which makes QimiQ an excellent natural flavor carrier.

Additional unique QimiQ product developments

Qiminaise,  contains no egg and is therefore not a classic mayonnaise. It consists of QimiQ the first Cream Base, healthy rape seed oil, no eggs and only 20 % fat. There is however no saving on taste! Qiminaise has a full creamy flavor.

Product brochure

Download the product brochure here. For more information  and/or  to make an appointment for a personal product presentation, call us at: 404-688-1315 or 1-800-966-6172 or write to us at: qimiq(at)atlantafoods.com

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