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Product description

QimiQ Whip Original. The first Cream Base for whipping.

The only foolproof whippable real dairy cream product with 19 % fat.

QimiQ Whip Original consists of: cream (18% fat), milk, gelatin, emulsifier (acetic acid esters of mono- and diflycerides of fatty acids), milk, protein, lactose.

Contains 0% Trans Fat.

Dry storage.

Once opened, QimiQ Whip Original should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 3 - 4 days.

Use QimiQ Whip Original as a flavor carrier for products requiring volume:

For sweet and savory creams, fillings, and mousses requiring volume.

QimiQ Cream Base range for further applications:

Use QimiQ Sauce Base for smooth and creamy sauces and soups!

Use QimiQ Classic for end products requiring a stable consistency, e.g.: (bake stable) fillings and terrines, and for end products without volume, e.g. dips, dressings, spreads and mayonnaise without egg!

The QimiQ cream base range can do so much more - check all the QimiQ product advantages in detail.

Download the product brochure here. For more information  and/or  to make an appointment for a personal product presentation, call us at: 404-688-1315 or 1-800-966-6172 or write to us at: qimiq(at)atlantafoods.com

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